Architects and Image Makers develop new photography partnership

The Australian Institute of Architects and Image Makers Association Australia are pleased to announce a new partnership to enhance our national built environment.

The three-year partnership will formalise collaboration, training and education programs between the two peak bodies, and encourage Image Makers Association members as the preferred photographers for Institute members.

The Australian Institute of Architects, as the nation’s peak body for architects, is committed to demonstrating the value of architecture to the public and improving the quality and sustainability of the built environment.

Image Makers Association Australia represents professional and emerging photographers in Australia through education, advocacy, celebration, and connection.

The Institute’s National President Shannon Battisson said the partnership would help to deepen ties between both disciplines to deliver compelling and authentic visual storytelling for the built environment.

“The art of photography can help to illuminate the value of good design and contribute to the advancement of architecture,” she said.

“Through this partnership, we hope to nurture enduring, symbiotic relationships between the architects who shape the places where we live, work and meet and the photographers who capture the very essence of these projects and places.

“We look forward to working with the Image Makers Association Australia and their members to highlight the value of good architecture and good photography, which together, can contribute to shaping a future of better design in Australia.”

As part of the three-year partnership, the Image Makers Association Australia will become the Institute’s Preferred Photography Partner.

Image Makers Association Australia works on behalf of its members to improve the business landscape for the profession, building confidence in the value of photography and ensuring image making remains a viable career path into the future. Its membership boasts many of the country’s top architectural photographers as well as those emerging in this space.

Image Makers Association Australia President Dianna Snape said the partnership would bring together two organisations to benefit members through increased connections and working relationships.

“These relationships exist at an individual level, and it is exciting to broaden the reach and give a larger community of professionals the opportunity to be part of the dialogue,” she said.

“Each of our organisations has a different set of priorities, resources and competencies and we look forward to sharing these to develop knowledge and best practice.

“Emerging and established architectural photographers need resources, education, and support which have been historically provided informally. It’s very rewarding to formalise our knowledge and industry experience into best practice to strengthen support for the next generation of photographers.

“It’s imperative that architects and photographers understand and support each other, and this is what this partnership sets out to achieve. It paves the way for relationship building, mutually beneficial education, inspiration and collaboration; in short, it sets the scene for sustainable practice across the board.”

Both organisations are also keen to celebrate the broader creative industries.

For further information, please contact: Rosanne Barrett on behalf of the Australian Institute of Architects
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