Student Mental wellness

SONA wellbeing Survey report

 In 2020, SONA launched a survey to collect data on the mental wellness of architecture students to understand the key issues and the factors driving them.

The SONA advocacy working group lead by Nicole Mesquita Mendes (SONA President) and Leanne Haidar (Immediate Past SONA President) rigorously analysed the findings of the survey and conducted further research into mental health to compile the Mental Wellbeing of architecture students report. 


SONA is seeking answers  to 4 key questions from  from everyone; students, graduates, architects, academics and retired professionals to understand this issue further, advocate on behalf of students and help find potential solutions. 

  1. How can we promote healthy work/study habits?
  2. How can we destigmatise Mental Wellbeing in the Architectural Community? 
  3. How can we instil students with confidence in themselves and the value of their education? 
  4. How can the relationship between the profession and architectural education be strengthened to support student wellbeing?

Mental wellbeing in architectural education and practice

SONA is presented the survey report and findings at the 2022 National Symposium: Lost Opportunities alongside the Wellbeing of Architects Project.

The session reported on two recent, major research projects addressing mental wellbeing amongst architecture students and practitioners. A collaboration between SONA and researchers at Monash University, the session reported on key findings, discussed implications, and proposed ways forward to address current problems, and avoid the ‘lost opportunity’ of diverse and talented people leaving the profession.  


Nicole Mesquita Mendes and Leanne Haider (SONA),  

Naomi Stead (Monash) 


SONA continues to raise awareness and encourage  conversation around student mental wellness and is currently working on a number of initiatives to do this: 

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